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Fostering inclusion and diversity

Fostering inclusion and diversity

As any employer will know, in the UK there is a legal obligation to eliminate discrimination and allow equal opportunity in the workplace and this will encompass many categories such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality and disability. However, we should always strive to go above and beyond – not only is this the right thing to do but raising the bar in these areas will lead to a happier workplace overall. Happy employees are more productive and have greater job loyalty, so it’s a win-win! This post provides a brief overview to get started, along with a few perhaps lesser considered examples
Changing Careers

Changing Careers

Most people will change their job 9 times during their career which is twice as much as our grandparents did! But do you think there is such a thing as changing jobs to often? Or not often enough? When do you know it is the right time to change your job, is it a feeling or do you wait for something to happen? Such as a relocation or not getting that pay rise.

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