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Talent Team Travel Buddy

A little about me ….

I am the SW bear and I like to travel everywhere!

I joined the team in early 2019 and I have been a busy bear travelling the world, meeting candidates, and visiting local schools, colleges and Universities.

This year I’ve been to Paris, Poland, Centre Parcs, Ireland, Jamaica, Rome, Corfu, St Lucia, Crete, Edinburgh, Mexico and Thailand, I’ve been one lucky bear! ...I wonder where my adventures will take me in 2020, stay tuned to find out...

 I’m passionate about ….

Holiday snap, honey, beaches, open top buses, flying and travelling around the world with the girls!

 In room 101 I would put ….

The rain, it’s not good for a bear’s fur!

People that photobomb my snaps!

 If I didn’t have to work I would ….

Become the first bear tour guide, so that I can share all my worldly knowledge and experiences with everyone!

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