I first game across Sheridan Ward whilst applying for jobs, I had been signed up to a couple of other agencies, but the effort that Elle (my consultant) went through to find me a job that suited me was above and beyond!

They found me a job which was a perfect fit!


Sheridan ward was the first and only agency I signed up to. Elle was my advisor and was amazing! Communication and support was excellent! Very quick responses and I didn't feel like just a number. Elle really took her time, listening for what kind of role I was looking for and didn't just offer me any role for the sake of finding a job. 

The whole process, from registering to being offered a job took 2 weeks- thank you Elle 


I arrived at Sheridan Ward a bit exasperated with my previous recruitment experience at another company, and desperate to find work, and was really pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledgeability of the employees here, particularly Roseann. 

She explained in great detail their recruitment process and was extremely patient and answered all of the questions I had. Additionally, she managed to find me a job almost immediately at an extremely reputable company, and has been just wonderful throughout the whole time. It's really, really obvious that she cares a lot about the people she works with and about helping out, and is excellent at what she does.

HIGHLY recommended.


My experience with Sheridan Ward was amazing, everybody was so nice and Kirsten was extremely helpful in finding me interviews and making sure I was prepared for them!

I found a new full time job so quickly and can’t thank everybody at Sheridan Ward enough!


I highly recommend temping for Sheridan Ward.

The staff are very friendly, hard working and efficient and my experience of working for them has been very positive.


My experience with Sheridan Ward was nothing but first class. I registered with the agency through their employee Kirsten. After taking the time and going through my CV and listening to what I actually wanted, she immediately put me forward for a role she thought would suit me best.

As Kirsten was off the following week, her team member Elle picked up on my job application and helped me immensely with the entire experience. I had the telephone interview on the Wednesday, then in person interview on the Thursday and was offered the job on the very same day! All related to me in detail by the brilliant Elle. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

I cannot thank Kirsten and Elle enough as they put me at ease throughout with their friendly yet very professional manor. Their advice was golden and their communication was proficient when it came to organising a time for my interview with the hiring company. They also helped in giving me the confidence to ace the interview and actually accept my new current job.

THANK YOU GIRLS !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Thanks for helping me out and helping me find work. I really liked how the approach was fast paced and persistent in helping me find work.

Thanks to Ally in Uxbridge, for putting me forward for the company I am now, going to be starting on Monday! 


Sheridan Ward is a really good recruitment agency, the first day I registered with them I was told about a job that would be perfect for me, went for the interview & I got the job. 

My Recruitment Consultant - Elle McHugh helped me so much with finding me a job and preparing me for my interview. 

I’ve been at my new job for nearly a month now & I love it.

Thank you Elle, you’ve helped me so much. And I’m so happy to be working again 

Ajinder xXx 


Great staff,

I was lucky enough to have Elle working with me, she is very professional and assesses you in a one too one meeting to get to know you before looking for companies that will suit you. She is obviously extremely acute at reading people because she knows straight away which jobs you'll like and which you would not hence you only go to the right interviews that suit you to a tee.

Within 60 minutes of an interview she said was perfect for me, I was not only offered the job, but offered 4k higher than the advertising salary.

I love the job and within a month of being in the job there is already another offer on the table from the management team...

Wow, best move of my working career.

Thank you so much Elle (",)


I registered with Sheridan Ward over a month ago got me work with in two days and just received some great news I’m being taking on a permanent.

Can’t thank enough Elle, Laura, Shauna and the rest of the team. They take good care of their peoples.

Enough love


Great Team and VERY helpful!


A friendly and professional agency in Uxbridge.

Laura has been brilliant in taking time out not only to place me in temp assignments but to keep in touch to see how the role is going for myself as well as the company. They want what is best for their worker and this comes across with the service they provide.

Thank you


Great staff and very helpful


Sheridan Ward is an extraordinary recruitment agency and by far the best I have ever met. I would highly recommend to anyone.

When I was invited in to register with Sheridan Ward, Kristen took the time to review my CV and she interviewed me to make sure that the position she offered me with was a good match. To be honest she went over and above my expectation. Within a month I was called for interview and I got a really amazing position.

I cannot stress enough that how helpful, caring and supportive Kristen was during the entire process. She kept me posted whatever happened, prepared me for the interview and gave me fantastic advices. Prior starting my new role I have also received a lovely congratulation card that was very impressive and I felt really valued!!! Roseanne, Elle and the rest of the team is just amazing.

I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and caring attitude of people at Sheridan Ward.

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for Kristen and to everyone at Sheridan Ward who helped me to find my DREAM JOB


I wanted a new challenge and signed up with this wonderful agency.

The staff are friendly and welcoming, they listened to my requests and placed me in 2 very satisfying temporary customer service roles. 1 which has turned into permanent employment.

They were the only delightful agency that actually worked to give me a new career challenge, and I am extremely grateful to Sheridan Ward.

Highly recommend


I had a great experience using Sheridan Ward Uxbridge.

Very warm and friendly... I had an interview setup myself previous to my registration and I was kindly given interview tips to help me through.. 

I would definitely recommend using them to find a job.



The only recruitment agency I've used and what can I say...Amazing! 

Thank you to the team, especially Elle who was fantastic with answering all my questions and being so supportive.

I would highly recommend Sheridan Ward to anyone if you're looking for a new career path.

Thank you once again to Elle for being extremely helpful and motivating!


I have worked for a few agencies over my years and have always been less than impressed by most, Sheridan Ward Recruitment were a very pleasant change.

From replying to a vacancy to form filling, interview and follow up I can honestly say they have the applicants best interests at the heart of the process.

I was successful in the position I applied for and even received follow up emails which was a nice touch .

I have given 5 stars because I feel it is what they deserve I would highly recommend to anyone.


Sheridan ward is one of the best recruitment agencies I’ve been involved with. 

No matter who you speak to on the phone they all are really helpful, polite and informative especially Kirsten who has been extra helpful with my job search.

Kirsten really helps in such a way that is tailored to you and your job needs :)


I cannot recommend Sheridan ward enough. Sign up was incredibly easy and I was able to secure new employment within two weeks of registration.

The staff were incredibly helpful keeping in continuous contact and providing support where needed. I even received a lovely card congratulating me on my new employment.

Highly efficient and professional I would definitely recommend.


Sheridan Ward has the loveliest people, the very moment I got a phone call from them they were friendly, interested in what I was looking for and did not try to advertise jobs which I was not interested in.

They have found me a permanent position within a week of me signing up with them, furthermore, when I was about to attend my interview, I received a phone call from them to prepare me for the interview. Not only did they prepare me but made me feel really at ease as I was very anxious for the interview and they really helped me secure the position.

I am extremely happy with their service and will be recommending to everyone.


Excellent service targeted to the person's needs. I was able to find a job in a week with Sheridan Wards dedication.

Continuous feedback during the interview process as well as help on the interview preparation process.

Highly recommended.


The team at Sheridan Ward are absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend them enough! 

The team are all really great and friendly and they really do take great care in trying to find the job for you. The attention to detail is impeccable and from just one conversation they have managed to find the perfect role for me. 

5 stars all the way! 

Sheridan Ward placed me in my 1st job 10 years ago and they have just found me my perfect 2nd