Why use us?

We have timeless values! With technology moving forward at lightning speed we won’t lose sight of the fact that what we do is about people, so all applicants are thoroughly interviewed face to face by our trained consultants. We are customer focused, not sales focused, and we are proud of the service we consistently deliver to our clients. We are always aiming that little bit higher than our competitors to ensure we earn both loyalty and commitment.

We stay abreast of new technologies! Okay, so we know we just said we have timeless values, but we certainly haven’t lost sight of how technology enhances the services we can offer you. We embrace and utilise the best known social networking platforms and modern communications tools and have a dedicated training and testing room. We can test candidates in languages at a basic, intermediate and advanced level, or any combination, and offer competency assessment by multiple choice or software simulation testing to verify knowledge and experience in whatever way works best for you and your role. We utilise sophisticated in-house recruitment software but are also trained in the most well-known client portals for tracking and processing applications on systems that you use every day. Instead of making you fit in with what works for us, we will work collaboratively with you to use what works best for you!  

We are always searching for new ways to find the very best people for your business!

Knowledge really is power! Sheridan Ward Recruitment Services have enviable knowledge within the generalist recruitment market, having more than 46 years combined experience we keep our specialists trained, frequently attending seminars on the latest in recruitment knowhow as well as employing CIPD qualified specialists. We appreciate the varying needs of our clients and for this reason our consultants provide a tailor made service where we get to know your business. We are completely dedicated to offering an exemplary and professional service. By focusing on a small geographical area we are able to develop a truly in depth understanding of the local workforce and the needs of local employers.

We love what we do! There’s no greater pleasure for us than finding you the perfect candidate, getting the right match means retaining staff for the duration and that is always what we aim for.

Sheridan Ward knows that its own greatest asset is its team of highly experienced consultants and we understand that your greatest asset is your own employees. Our purpose is to help you pick the right people. We never forget that recruitment is about people and we aim to achieve our success by helping you achieve yours.