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Support Small Local Businesses!

During the height of COVID lockdowns we were aware of companies struggling for survival on the high street, and equally many of us found ourselves shopping far more locally than before in shops and services we may have never previously used. Hopefully we have seen the back of full-scale lockdowns, but it is important to still remember about our small local businesses. It is so easy to go into a coffee shop chain on your lunch break to grab a sandwich and a drink, but ask yourself, isn't it just as easy to walk into your local coffee shop and get lunch from there too?

Helping and supporting our local businesses is even more important now that all the shops are open, as people may start to forget about them. We wanted to educate everyone on all the easy ways that we can all help local businesses. Sometimes it takes seconds to help our local businesses and we do not even realise, but whether you want to spend money or not, we have found loads of ways that we can all support local high streets.

  • Gift cards - if possible, buy gift cards from small business and give them as presents or treats to people in your life. If a friend's birthday is coming up, go into your local town and find some of your favourite small businesses and pick up some gift cards. Or if you want to congratulate someone at work, grab them a gift card. This exposes small businesses to a wider range of people that might not even know they exist, which can turn into more revenue for them
  • Order Takeout or delivery - during the pandemic rules have shifted constantly and many business have been unable to accommodate at times due to staffing, building size and other factors that cannot be easily remedied at short notice. However, many have been available to order and collect food. So, if you are planning a picnic or a night in, why not order from a local business and support them, instead of cooking for yourself. We all deserve a treat, and a takeaway is a perfect way to do that!
  • Spread the word - by simply telling friends and family about small local business, will help the businesses in your area. It is such a small thing to do, but if you have a favourite local coffee shop, tell your friends about it, as they might pop in the next time they pass by
  • Be social - if your favourite local business has an instagram, Facebook or twitter page, give them a follow and a few likes. It will let future customers who look on their account know that they are a reputable business with people who love their products. A follow or a like takes seconds but could really help out a business. Also, if you post a photo of your purchase, then tag them! This will expose the business to your followers - by posting for example a nice photo of a great cocktail and tagging the restaurant, you never know one of your followers might book a table for themselves as lets face it, everyone hates FOMO!
  • Loyalty counts - local businesses really rely on regular customers as much as they do new ones. They can build a relationship with you and really show what their business has to offer. If you always go to the same hairdressers, you will build an amazing relationship with the people that work there, and you are more likely to recommend them to others
  • Reschedule rather than cancel - when you make a reservation with a restaurant or pub, they are relying on you to turn up. The aim is for them to get customers through the door and encourage them to spend money. At various times since the arrival of COVID, they have either been closed or only allowed to accommodate limited numbers. So, if you have made a reservation and not turned up, they will lose money as they could have offered your timeslot to another party. It only takes a minute to reschedule, but it really helps out the hospitality industry
  • Leave positive reviews - when people are looking for a new place to try, the first thing they usually do is head to google. If they see the business has loads of positive reviews, they are more likely to shop there. You can leave a review about the products, the staff or the overall experience. Leaving a review also lets the business know that they are doing a good job and it can really make someone's day!

support local

All these little things really help small businesses. It is so difficult to go up against big corporate shops, however we can all do such small things that in turn make a huge difference to a local business. When we help out our small and local businesses, we are helping someone's family, someone's dream and applauding someone's hard work. By buying local instead of from a big chain we are putting money into our local areas. When you buy local, it stays local. More jobs will be created in your town, the community will prosper, and people will be more connected than ever to their own town.

By what you have read, you can see how simple it really is to help each other out. It can really take seconds to put into practice, so we hope you keep all (or at least a few tips) in mind when visiting your local high street.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog, and have found some new ways to support your local businesses.

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