Job searching is a time consuming activity – time you don’t have if you’re busy in your current job or life is already hectic. Do you really want to be spending hours and hours, evenings and weekends, scouring job sites on the internet or writing application letters, attending interview after interview with companies that just aren’t right for you? Sheridan Ward’s recruitment specialists can do the leg work for you and it will cost you nothing… not a penny! Giving you back more time to do the things you enjoy. We will identify the best opportunities and put you in front of companies that are right for you, giving you access to the employers and jobs that truly maximise your potential. We look at your skills and what you are good at, listen to what you want for you next role, and match you to new opportunities in our wide client base.
Many of Sheridan Ward’s clients advertise solely with us, and often do not actively advertise their vacancies on job sites or with any other agencies. Our clients that are always on the lookout for the best candidates, candidates just like you! Therefore, by registering with us, you will have access to opportunities before they even appear on the open job market!

…Sometimes a CV just doesn’t make the grade
Because we have worked with our clients for years they trust us to present the best of the best. We know that a CV doesn’t always showcase the best of your abilities, meaning you could be overlooked for your perfect job. We won’t risk your CV being discarded before our clients can find out about the real you, at Sheridan Ward we don’t just send your CV, we will pick up the phone and speak to companies on your behalf. We make sure your skills, abilities and all that you have to offer are heard. We make it our job, to make sure you get the opportunity to interview.

We will be your ally in your job search, like the best friend that’s there whenever you need, with just the right advice at just the right time. We want your trust and honesty and in return we’ll give you ours. If a job is not for you then tell us! We do whatever we can to make strong relationships with you, our candidate, that stand the test of time not just for one job but for your entire lifelong career, whatever moves you choose to make during that time. We want to know from the first moment what makes you tick, what’s truly important to you, even if you think it might not be what a future employer wants to hear, you should tell us. The more we know about you the more likely we are to find the right job or opportunity at the right company and communicate your interests correctly and professionally. So, if location is important for you because you need to be home at a certain time, or if money really is your top motivator, we want you to feel safe in letting us know. The better we communicate with you, the closer our matches will be to the right role for you. We really pride ourselves in doing this well.

So take a moment to browse through our live jobs or better yet, give us a call or send us an email! Let’s get things going for your next move!