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When life gives you lemons...

When life gives you lemons...

The intrinsic link between failure and success: it is human nature that we find failure difficult to talk or even think about – you don’t want to look it in the eye or linger. It is all too easy in the age of social media to believe our peers are thriving and achieving goal after goal behind the screen as well as on Instagram, when obviously this is not the reality. Success is a case of trial and error: encountering failures but choosing to learn from them. This entails some often uncomfortable self-analysis, but is also an immeasurably valuable learning opportunity if we choose to alter our mindset.
Support Small Local Businesses!

Support Small Local Businesses!

Helping and supporting our local businesses is even more important now that all the shops are open, as people may start to forget about them. Sometimes it takes seconds to help our local businesses and we do not even realise, but whether you want to spend money or not, we have found loads of ways that we can all support local high streets. It is so easy to go into a coffee shop chain on your lunch break to grab a sandwich and a drink, but ask yourself, isn’t it just as easy to walk into your local coffee shop and get lunch from there too? Here's Sheridan Ward's top tips to support local business

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